Stop Accidentally Making Things Worse



Emotional outbursts can be challenging, frustrating and unpredictable. In our attempt to help, we often make things worse. The good news is, once we see the mistake that we are making, we can shift our responses and instantly start making headway toward calm and confident relationships. This book provides a model for understanding what happens to our brains when we encounter stress and what to do to address that state of mind. We must understand that rationalizing with an irrational brain is not the answer, the key is timing.

This workbook challenges us to reorganize and reprioritize our actions, recognizing what is happening inside ourselves and others when experiencing stress and adjust our responses to match those needs. It is a resource that will walk you through a step by step process that can be applied to anyone in any setting. You will not only understand what is going on in the brain during the different stages of a stress response, but you will learn exactly what to do to produce the best possible outcomes. Included is a reproducible worksheet that becomes your “plan of action.” This book is not just another theoretical discussion, instead it is a focus on how to plan and apply action steps to situations that feel out of control.