Welcome to the home of the Nurtured Heart Approach

Anyone’s intense and challenging energies can undermine everything from parenting to marriages, treatment centers and classrooms to businesses. They can lead to loss of precious connection and relationship, unfortunate diagnosis and even the unpredictability of medications.

The Nurtured Heart Approach has been a game-changer in moving the needle to greatness.

“This is absolutely the most worthwhile information I have ever learned. My hyperactive child is now my amazing child.”

“My practice as a social worker has been transformed. It’s so much fun to get results so fast and to be of such help to families in getting their intense child to be so great.”
“My child was diagnosed with ADHD. I was led to believe that it was a death sentence.We couldn’t go an hour without an argument or some horrendous complaint by a teacher, friend or neighbor. Now I know peace and pleasure for the first time.”

“I’ve applied the Nurtured Heart Approach to my classes now for three years and the children are greatly improved in every way imaginable. The only way you would recognize the challenging kids is by looking for the best and brightest.” — Lead Teacher

What We Do

The Nurtured Heart Institute is the home of NHA™ – the Nurtured Heart Approach™

Our mission is simple: to share this transformative Approach with the world.

The Institute inspires, creates, hosts, and facilitates in-depth learning experiences that empower parents, trainers, educators, and business leaders. We teach, train, certify, and support in the work of transforming difficult intensities into abundant Inner Wealth™.
Our learning center and trainings are centered upon applications of this life-changing approach in diverse realms of interaction—from parenting, education and treatment for children to leading-edge applications in adult arenas and systems of care, including the greatness of leadership and corporate success.

We create offerings for newcomers, veteran trainers, and experts who wish to enhance their specialties through the application of the Nurtured Heart Approach.

The Nurtured Heart Institute also actively cultivates and empowers a thriving, diverse, inclusive network of trainers of the Nurtured Heart Approach in an environment of mutual support through vital opportunities for learning, growth and contribution.

Who We Serve

We exist to empower Inner Wealth in all people in all endeavors and in every realm of diversity. Our offerings work toward the building of fulfilling, generative relationships where all feel seen, valued, resilient, and inspired to share their gifts with the world.

Nurtured Heart provides a powerful set of strategies applicable to parenting and educating children at any life stage, mental health support and treatment, caregiving and end-of-life, professional arenas, and social activism. It is also widely used as an enhancement for other approaches.

Our goal is to co-create one billion stories of triumph and transformation.

Growing Greatness

We exist to empower Inner Wealth™ in all people in all endeavors. Our goal is to co-create one billion stories of triumph and transformation.

The Nurtured Heart Institute - The Nurtured Heart Approach

Parents & Caregivers

A revolutionary approach to support and empower parents and caregivers in cultivating Inner Wealth™ in themselves and others fostering fulfilling and generative relationships.

The Nurtured Heart Institute - The Nurtured Heart Approach


Reinvigorate the joy of learning on both ends. The Nurtured Heart Approach™ is specially designed to support and empower teachers to be successful especially when working with intense and challenging students.

The Nurtured Heart Institute - The Nurtured Heart Approach

Treatment & Business Professionals

Igniting fulfilling success and Inner Wealth™ for the full spectrum of business and service professionals from treatment therapists to corporate leaders.

Growing Greatness