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I am having problems with my child. Where should I start?

Visit our Resource page, which features a list of our favorite resources for families seeking guidance. You may also find Transforming the Difficult Child a great written resource. We also have our 4+ hour Nurtured Heart Approach® Fundamentals: Transforming ADHD and other Challenging Behavior.

Can you refer me to a counselor/coach or therapist you have trained?

We do not provide referrals, however, you can join our Private (anyone can join) Facebook group and make a post. We suggest that you begin the process of learning by reading either Transforming the Difficult Child or Transforming the Intense Child Workbook or watching our 4+ hour Nurtured Heart Approach® Fundamentals: Transforming ADHD and other Challenging Behavior.

The most cost-effective way is to begin unfolding the approach on your own before reaching out for a coach, so you already have direct experience in using the Nurtured Heart Approach.

May I schedule a consultation with one of your staff members?

Although we wish we could individually consult with every family who contacts us, we are primarily a learning platform and a research institute and are unable to provide clinical services. Please use our website as a starting place to learn about the Nurtured Heart Approach.

Can you train me in the Nurtured Heart Approach?

NHI offers Certification Training Intensives for parents, mental health professionals, educators, school administrators, therapists, and other professional disciplines who have discovered the Nurtured Heart Approach and want to take their impact of implementation to the next level. Training is available a few times per year. Please check the Training page for more information.

If I go through the NHA CTI Training, am I allowed to train others in NHA?

Yes, anyone who successfully completes a CTI and has an active certification can teach NHA to others.

Who should take Advanced Trainer (AT) Training?

Any person who has successfully completed a CTI, an active certification, and has the desire to deepen their Nurtured Heart Approach leadership skills and further their knowledge and abilities in conveying and teaching NHA. Returning as an Advanced Trainer additionally and most importantly immerses you in the leadership strands of using the approach for inspiring and supporting others, using the approach organizationally and for furthering your own journey of Inner Wealth.

Do I need CTI / AT Training to learn the Nurtured Heart Approach?

Can I teach the Nurtured Heart Approach without completing the Certification Training Intensive (CTI)?

You can learn to use and apply the approach to the reaches of your ability. You can also certainly share your successes and excitement for the approach, however without having completed our week-long Certification Training Intensive, you would not be able to teach or coach this work or represent yourself in any related fashion. Upon completing the training, you can then market yourself as having that formal training.

How do I request an NHA Training session for my school / business?

If the online courses provided on our Learning Platform, the scheduled CTI’s or Resource page, do not suit your needs, please inquire by emailing [email protected] with “Training for Business Request” in the subject line.

How do I request an NHA Trainer to speak at my upcoming conference/training?

If you are interested in obtaining a certified trainer as a speaker, please inquire by emailing [email protected] with “Speaking Request” in the subject line.

Do I need a Mentor or Coach to learn NHA?

Does NHI offer scholarships?

Yes, it does. NHI offers CTI scholarships to all first-time attendees. Apply now.

Are your materials or trainings offered in other languages?

Currently all training and materials are in English, but we are working to translate more titles as interest in alternate languages grows. If you would like to express interest in a particular language translation, please email [email protected] with “Learn more about NHA” in the subject line and let us know which language you would like to see.

When is your next CTI Training?

Yes, it does. NHI accepts applications every year for first-time attendees. More information can be found here.

Is the Nurtured Heart Approach evidence based?

It is currently being researched at three Universities: University of Arizona, Rutgers University and New Mexico State University. University of Arizona produced one published journal article based on their year-long gold standard study that found that the three main parameters of ADHD; hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention went from high levels prior to one parent taking a six-week online class alone, to low and negligible levels following that class. An equal sample of parents with children having similar pre-study levels of the same symptoms had to wait six months before being given the same online class. Up until the time of taking the NHA class nothing changes by way of time only. Once they had taken the NHA class, their symptom levels of hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention also became similarly low or negligible.

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