We are all singing your song

In the work I’ve done for the past many years, I’ve enjoyed opportunities to introduce people publicly in a way that shines light on their greatness. One imaginative day not long ago, a barrier opened up for me to a more magnificent way of singing these songs.

I imagined how great it would be if all seven billion people currently sharing the earth collectively raised their voices in song. How great it would be to hear all those voices harmoniously singing in simple celebration of the magnificence of being alive.

Imagine all of these seven billion people singing their hearts out. Not just singing, but letting their glorious souls burst out fully through their voices, in unison.

Most scientists say our bodies are composed of somewhere between 10 and 75 trillion cells. Imagine that seven billion of those cells are individual entities endowed with the shining faces of those currently living on the planet. Imagine each cell as a human life endowed with a human soul and that these particular seven billion cells comprise the cells of your heart. Imagine that radiance singing out.

And now, imagine that the rest of your cells are the many other living beings of the plant and animal kingdom, large and small…no-legged, two-legged and more-legged; flying, swaying, swimming, walking, slithering, running. Imagine that these beings comprise all the other tissues, muscles, and organs of your body. Take a moment to appreciate the incredible diversity of life on Earth and the existence of that very level of diversity of form and function within each of us.

Imagine all these great beings singing YOUR song. Singing loud, clear and strong, in harmonic praise of the universe that is YOU. Singing your name. Imagine that every other person is comprised of this same great, grand chorus.

How might this affect the way you see everyone from here on out?

Imagine that every being is already singing songs of celebration, whether it’s to their daily tasks, their faith, their beliefs, their sports heroes, their possessions, what they cherish…it’s essentially what they energize.

Even if some such endeavors contrast and even clash with yours, imagine that in seeing all beings as cells of OUR universe one might now cherish that these beings have ANYTHING they are singing about…

Even if that being looks rough around the edges, the great news is they already singing and all that is needed is to imagine wanting them on your side, singing within you. Your true self is the brilliant orchestra leader whose sacred duty is to weave these parts together harmoniously.

In this paradigm, having an issue with even one “kind of being,” for whatever reason, might be like writing one’s own tissues, cells, organs, and vital functions, a cancer of sorts. I don’t want to write off, dismiss, or discriminate against diverse parts of my body…my universe. I want all parts singing ⎯; for all aspects of greatness to work collaboratively in perfect, radiant health. I want it all harmonizing YOUR song and MY song.

If it’s only a matter of imagination then why not imagine it? This entire great creation we call Planet Earth and beyond was born from imagination. AND imagination is one of the greatest gifts we have received as human beings.