Me Through You

Everyone gets to listen in and hear what Spirit uniquely conveys to them. The wisdom that I would pass along if I were down to my last 500 words would be about what I heard when I asked about an expression that kept floating into my consciousness. I simply inquired:

What do you mean by ‘me through you’?

If I were the voice of the universe, I would communicate me through you. I would give you ways and words that would support you in making your life an inspiring expression of my nature. Your explorations would show me all of life’s possibilities. Your greatness would be celebrated and, in turn, would inspire more greatness.

Greatness is the root system we all have in common. Like the water lilies on the pond, we are all linked at our roots. We all share the common destiny of blossoming into our greatness. As you do, so do I. As I do, so do you. I love what is possible. This, alone, is my fascination and my quest.

Some of you need adversity to reveal further greatness. That’s why I give you plenty of adversity – why wouldn’t I give you that opportunity? Really, it’s my opportunity too – to further cherish and guide you. I’m so eager to see you blossom that I might send a lot of adversity your way to make it happen. Wars, destruction, pandemics…I don’t stop at anything to give you the opportunity to see me in you, gloriously. It’s all in service of you all finding the greatness that already is alive in you.

Would I prefer you take it upon yourselves to find this glory? Absolutely. I would cherish each and every unprovoked step you take in the direction of greatness. I would give you lots of signs so you’d know how pleased I was. I would lean all the way into that conversation, because it’s what I would consider a real conversation: a furthering of who you really are that comes forth as you build clarity and confidence, and then a carrying of this out to others. This is the revolution of greatness that I aspire to – that I am inspiring to. This is the revolution I want to take to the streets; the one I dream of continually. This is behind everything I do. It is my one and only intention and the purpose of all my actions.

So: I am the greatness of listening intently, and the greatness of choosing to believe what is there?

This makes me happy, that you see the beauty and greatness in this. I feel like an inventor who has only been able to envision the basic circuitry of a project – enough to bring it to life – but to then have it spring to much more surprising, intense, amazing life, something beyond my wildest dreams.

What do you mean, “by my wildest dreams?”

I feel so happy when I see flowers blooming. So many of these flowers are astonishingly beautiful – beyond my wildest dreams. In the same way, when any of the people of the world blossom, I feel that same delighted surprise. I celebrate all I see in this direction. It makes me so happy. I rejoice when people awaken to who they really are, even if it happens in the smallest of ways. Their greatness is their divinity.

Even in the smallest ways?

I celebrate even the tiniest movements beings take in the direction of embracing their divinity. I open my heart in love. My being blossoms. This is how I have fun! I experience myself, my ‘god-ness,’ through you.