Magnifying Magnificence

If you can feel one single spark of magnificence in yourself or another, nothing stands in the way of your fanning that flame. Nothing stands in the way of creating a new and brighter flame of magnificence, that then begins to have a life of its own.

You see, it is a given.

How do I know that? Here you are reading an inspirational piece. You wouldn’t be doing that unless you were determined to learn and grow. You would have no interest in such a thing unless you were already conscious enough to appreciate the beauty of being inspired and determined to take steps to improve your life. These are all already magnificent qualities. They show wisdom and spirit, still further qualities of magnificence.

In my experience, I have seen again and again that purposely fanning those flames creates a series of further awakenings to the magnificence that is already inside. As you tentatively begin to breathe life into this fire, you first find that at least in some ways, you are indeed already BEING magnificence. Encouraged, you keep the air moving, and find yourself STANDING in magnificence. The fire takes on a life of its own, and before you know it, you find you are LIVING magnificence in bigger and bigger ways. All you have to do is fan that spark until it catches, and keep on feeding it The great news is that the oxygen of simply BREATHING into it fuels that fire AND before long, it becomes a bonfire of magnificence that consumes everything in its path. Instead of the winds being a deterrent, they further propel and fuel this fire of magnificence. Rain cannot extinguish this kind of fire. It brightens every person and every situation and can be seen from miles around.

You may not know this yet, but you are that bonfire of magnificence. It is already within you, and the universe will celebrate your fanning the flames. Once it’s going, enjoying it will be simple and captivating. You will no longer have to seek out happiness. It will just be part of the joy of living in this manner. As you enter a space of being your magnificence, everything around you will manifest in relation to this aspect of your being. You will attract others who are also living their magnificence. You will see this quality in others as plainly as you see it in yourself. Lesser parts will no longer interest you or surface in your life.

I believe you can manifest and magnify magnificence any time you decide to. I’d like to prove it is there for you. Allow me to take you on a quick journey to the truth of your life, assisted by the wonders of modern technology.

Imagine that you sit down to log on to the Internet. Much to your delight, you find that your connection is perfect and immediate. The access to sites is instantaneous and breathtaking, revealing information to which you have never before had access. And so, in delighting in this, it dawns on you to go to a search engine to see what you can find. In an inspired moment, you decide to plug in your name along with a plus sign and the word MAGNIFICENCE.

Much to your surprise, you find that the search nets you much more than you could ever have imagined. You find hundreds and hundreds of results. You scroll down and click on the first one that quickens you in some way.

When you open it, you are stunned. Your heart starts beating faster than it has in a long time. You can’t believe what you have come up with…

Every page is loaded with notes about your particular qualities of magnificence. Each paragraph has descriptions of qualities that amaze and excite you, just seeing them in print.

For example: one paragraph tells you that you have the magnificent quality of being loving. Another talks about your magnificent quality of being collaborative. Yet another talks about your magnificence in terms of your brilliance-your ability to see around corners with your amazing insightfulness. The pages of qualities go on, and on, and on.

The other quirky thing about this treasure you’ve found is that so many of the paragraphs have parts that are highlighted in blue. Just for the heck of it, you move the cursor over one, and you find that it’s a link! You double-click on it, and it instantly leads you to pages upon pages devoted to evidencing that one single quality mentioned in that paragraph.

For example: this first link has to do with the magnificence of your wisdom. The link leads you to a page all about your wisdom, featuring a long list of bullet points that document, to the minute, times that you exercised this quality.

On the 7th of March, 2001, for example, you were standing in line at the supermarket at 4:11 in the afternoon. The person in front of you was getting irritated that the check-out person was listening too long to the person in front of him. You wisely found a way to bring a smile to his face by using your sense of humor.

This is only one of dozens upon dozens of bullet-pointed examples evidencing your wisdom. The list goes on and on and on, with even more links to other qualities of magnificence. Those links lead you to more pages about your sense of humor and kindness. You see other examples of ways you shone a sense of humor and kindheartedness through tense situations, helping others to suffer less stress.

Following one more link, you find another page that, at first, makes no sense. It seems to document times when you’ve been told or felt things about you that contradicted your magnificence. Times and dates during which kids or adults called you names or said harsh things to or about you.

Then, you see that each and every instance shows irrefutable proof that had these people known about themselves what you know about yourself now-that they, too, are really magnificent- they never would have said anything that did not support your magnificence. Indeed, they wanted to support your magnificence all along, and didn’t know how. They just wanted to connect with you, but at that time, with what those people did not know about themselves, that connection could only come through in the hurtful way it did.

Reading this is making you feel more alive than you’ve ever felt before. You are stunned. You decide you need to take a break and close this down for a while.

There’s a glitch, however. Every time you attempt to close the page, it springs right back at you like a jack-in-the-box. Along with it pops up a box that simply says, “You might want to read this.” It then proceeds to let you know the catch: the terms and agreements of having access to these pages.

It says:

To close this page and go on to anything else, you need to agree that you cannot now, or ever again, dismiss what you have read. You also cannot turn your back on what you now know.

Further: you must agree to purposefully fan the flames of these qualities of magnificence. You must agree to go back again and again to these pages until you embrace these qualities in a core way.

Additionally: you must choose to be purposeful in NOT giving energy to anything that distracts or contradicts this in you. Rather, as soon as you feel the pang of that energetic impulse towards distraction from your magnificence, you must quickly, deeply experience it and then divert it towards further inspiration: to purposefully MAGNIFY MAGNIFICENCE-that of YOU and that of OTHERS.

And, in a flash, you agree.

It’s official. There’s no turning back.

I call you to experience your magnificence. Even if you’ve just seen a glimmer of a quality, you have that quality, and it’s yours. Even if you’re seeing it in another, or seeing that quality in a movie stirred one hair on your head or one extra beat of your heart, then that quality is in you. It exists, and it can be propelled.

This is your call to magnificence. It is calling you. This is for certain.