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Nurtured Heart Approach Mentorship Program

Co-creating Inner Wealth in our lives every day

Nurtured Heart Approach Inner Wealth Mentoring  – a life-changing and transformative personal experience

The Nurtured Heart Approach Inner Wealth Mentoring Program connects you with a Certified Inner Wealth Mentor and  into a great process that will guide you to a life-changing inner application of the Nurtured Heart Approach and new personal default setting of making greatness your primary life experience…how to grow and manifest who you really are. 

Your mentor will skillfully guide you in a process of embracing and converting all varied energies of life into the very fuel for you to the next levels of Inner Wealth and applying the fullness of the Nurtured Heart Approach on your inner journey of manifesting your greatness.  

This is a process to change our relationship with our own intensities and energies, from potentially being impacted negatively, to joining into and collaborating with it, making it wonderfully useful and purposeful. 
Just as we are helping transform the intense energies of children to become the very source of their greatness, we too can transform our own intensities, Our own surges of energies that can overwhelm us, go awry and even derail us can easily become an unending source of growing our Inner Wealth. Learning this process brings us to being more alive and well than ever, to a great sense of well-being, peace and confidence, and to a steadfast way to heighten our impact in the world.


How does it work?

We pair one mentor with a mentee for 12 sessions which meet monthly for a year. In these 1:1 meetings (Zoom, Phone, or In-Person), you’ll learn from an experienced practitioner of the Nurtured Heart Approach.

Each Mentee will complete a form, which we will use to match you up with a Certified Mentor.

In each of the 12 sessions, you’ll learn tried and true strategies to implement the Nurtured Heart Approach in your relationships, communities, classrooms, or therapeutic spaces.

If you’re interested in being paired with a Certified Mentor, please use the Contact Form located at the bottom of the page.

The Nurtured Heart Institute - The Nurtured Heart Approach